Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage


Swedish Massage is the type of massage most people think about when they think about a massage. Oil or lotion is used on bare skin and the strokes are generally smooth and relaxing. 

Deep Tissue Massage is basically a Swedish massage, but with deeper pressure and often more specific techniques used such as Trigger-Point Therapy, Pin and Stretch, Gua Sha and/or Cupping. And elbows!

During our first meeting and during our session, between what you tell me and what your body tells me, I can usually determine which techniques and pressure are going to be most beneficial. Keep in mind this can change each session. One time you might need a knot worked out, but another just a smooth relaxing massage, or maybe even the stillness of Reiki.

Whatever your needs may be, even if you're full of knots that need some serious elbows, it's my goal while working those out, that you don't just feel beat up and bruised, but relaxed and renewed. Between my experience in Chiropractic treatment-based settings as well as a spa, I combine those to give you the best of both worlds.

To further aid in your healing and deep relaxation, I have a Healthy Wave 5-Therapy Mat covering the entire massage table. It's filled with 16 pounds of crushed amethyst crystal, as well as 88 1-inch stones of jade and tourmaline. In addition to their vibrational healing properties, when they're heated up, they create far-infrared heat and negative ions. Another therapy, PEMP (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field), sends a frequency of 8Hz, close to the Schumann resonance (the Earth's "pulse") which improves brain function by increasing alpha waves and stimulating cells to regenerate and repair.

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