​Swedish / Deep Tissue
30min - $55
60min - $80
90min - $115
120min - $165
Reiki / CranioSacral Therapy
Same Rates as above
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
60min - $95
90min - $140
Healing Wave 5-Therapy Mat
Far infrared heat, pemf therapy, photon lights, natural crystals and negative ions
Included FREE in all treatments - OR just lie down for $1/Minute (30min Minimum)
Add-On Treatments:
Foot Soak: $15
Begin your massage with a luxurious warm foot bath with salts and essential oils
Chinese Fire Cupping: $15
Ancient art of creating suction which pulls the muscles outward - like a deep-tissue massage in reverse

Gift Certificates Available!

Types of Insurance Accepted:
HSA/FLEX Spending
*Please Note: Prices reflect time of service discount. Auto Insurance and Worker's Comp will be billed at the standard industry rates. I do not accept medical insurance unrelated to MVA or Worker's Comp. besides the HSA.

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