About me ~


I have been a licensed Massage and Craniosacral therapist since 2012, and received my Reiki Level 2 initiation in 2019. I spent years working in chiropractic offices as well as spa settings, and have combined this experience to create a style that is not only therapeutic, but deeply relaxing as well. My overall style is similar to Hawaiian Lomi Lomi using smooth flowing strokes, though when needed, I can utilize deep-tissue techniques including Trigger-Point Therapy, Gua Sha, and Chinese Fire Cupping. I am also trained in treating TMJ dysfunction and can take insurance for Motor Vehicle Accidents.


I love to include aromatherapy and sometimes even sound therapy using singing bowls if doing a Reiki session. My favorite healing treatment to give is a combo Swedish/Deep Tissue massage followed by Reiki/Craniosacral Therapy. This is the best of both worlds for physical as well as emotional healing, bringing one to a state of profound relaxation.


In order to further aid in this healing and deep relaxation/meditative state, I have a Healthy Wave 5-Therapy Mat covering the entire massage table. It's filled with 16 pounds of crushed amethyst crystal, as well as stones of jade and tourmaline. In addition to their vibrational healing properties, when they're heated up, they create far-infrared heat and negative ions. Another therapy,  PEMP (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field), sends a frequency of 8Hz, close to the Schumann resonance (the Earth's "pulse") which improves brain function by increasing alpha waves and stimulating cells to regenerate and repair.


When I'm not massaging, I'm probably taking a picture of a bird or decorating with yet another mossy, lichen covered branch. I have a strong connection with nature and bring that grounding, healing power of the Natural World into my practice. I hope to share a session with you soon!


                                                  See you in the trees,

                                                                     ~ Jae Alberi

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